Residential IT

Residential IT iconPC and Laptop Issues

Home PC’s or Laptops repaired and software problems resolved. All problems addressed from missing data to viruses, performance issues, hardware, software, windows issues, systems crashing or restarting. If you have ANY computer issue it can be diagnosed and repaired. If the issue isn't resolved you don’t get charged for repairs.

Broadband Internet and Wifi Setup

Broadband issues should generally be reported to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) but you may need assistance setting up a home/office network. Or perhaps your WiFi connection keeps acting up? Maybe you want to connect a printer to your network or you might want to stream video over a network to your TV.

General Technical Assistance

Today’s technology can sometimes seem very alien and often comes with a manual several inches thick and full of confusing jargon. I love technology and gadgets and can provide friendly help and assistance, so if you don’t know your Scart leads from your HDMI cables then contact me and I can assist.

Tuition Services

I offer home tuition services to anyone wanting to learn about Computers, how to use and navigate Windows, Surfing the Internet, How to use Office applications such as Word, Excel Spread sheets and creating PowerPoint presentations. How to setup an Ebay and PAYPAL account and sell items online. Virtually anything computer related you wish to learn about. My tuition rate is £20 per hour.

VHS Video transfer to DVD

If you have a Wedding Video, Home Movie or treasured TV Show on VHS tape, I charge £10 per tape to transfer to DVD format (discount for multiple tapes considered). VHS tape normally has a shelf life of 10-15 years depending on where and how it is stored. Each DVD with be professionally produced with menus and chapters. Save your treasured memories before they perish.