Intranet Development IconWhat is an Intranet?

An intranet can be thought of as a private version of the Internet confined to an organisation and used to share information with employees. As web browsers and web programming have become more sophisticated a modern trend is to employ Internet technologies to provide modern interfaces to legacy information systems as well as using the same technology to introduce new systems.


The benefits of an Intranet may only realistically be to larger businesses due to the cost to create and maintain them. It really depends on how creative and clever you want to get with the available technology. You may only want a simple static information sharing resource, maybe an information gathering form to input and view data or a fully dynamic system that interacts and updates the companies databases becoming a main business system. Over time the differences between business systems and internet systems are becoming blurred as we are now seeing with many Cloud Systems that are available.


Extranets are Intranets that also share information with the outside world. Information can be fully or partially shared and may require the external visitor to logon via a secure connection. This may be useful to share data or media with a business partner, customer or vendor.


Intranet development, especially bespoke dynamic database driven intranets, can be quite a large project undertaking dependent on what is required, I have the skills needed to adapt an array of systems and offer consultancy and development services, contact me if you think you need my expertise.